About Us

Every minute, one million plastic bottles are sold around the world, and only 9% are recycled - the rest ends up in the oceans or landfills. One BeLoco water bottle can replace thousands of reusable plastic bottles.

Beloco is a Croatian brand founded with the aim of creating products for an active urban lifestyle, enabling everyone to have a cold/hot drink wherever they are, without buying a single-use plastic bottle.

The idea of ​​our company stems from the search for the most suitable and functional solution to satisfy the need for hydration in a healthy, elegant and ecological way, day after day.

Plastic bottles occupy the highest rank of unacceptable single-use accessories, reusable bottles are becoming a necessity in this hydration-obsessed modern world.

BeLoco bottles are made of high quality stainless steel material, they will last for years, protect you from any toxic materials [BPA] and ensure happiness for our planet. Designed to last.